Sunday, September 28, 2014

DIVA Challenge #186 Leaves

This past week's challenge from the DIVA was to use leaves as your string and tangle.

We took a trip to Idaho 12 days ago to help move my father-in-law from his home since 1960 to a independent living apartment in a senior complex.  He is 92 and still able to care for himself, but the family home was just too big to keep up with.  Our days were very busy, sorting, selling, packing, and making many trips across town in our pick-up truck. We hired movers for the big things.  At the end of it all, we unpacked every box, found a place for everything, hung pictures, and made his new apt. comfortable and cozy.  It was a labor of love for us, and we feel so blessed that we were able to be with him and help with this transition.  It was also nice to be able to get all of this done in the fall before the first snow starts to fly

I think fall is one of my favorite seasons too!  I love the changing colors and the cooler, crisper feel to the air.  On our way to Idaho we stopped to take pictures of the gorgeous colors in the Snake River Canyon, so I am sharing with you below.  So glad we did, because on our way back yesterday, we drove through pouring rain for half of the 10 hour drive.  We made back to Colorado safe, sound, sore, and tired, but thankful we are home!

I did this weeks challenge in our hotel one night, but never got around to posting it.  So, better late then never!  I have always loved the work of  Helen Williams from A Little Lime Blog, so I used her pattern Gumleaves as my string and tangled in them.  I would have liked to use a brown colored pencil to shade with, but I didn't have one with me, so I used what I had. 

My husband Doug, and Dad Kermit

Kermit and Me (The best father-in-law anyone could have)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

DIVA Challenge #185 Phicops & Diva Dance

This weeks challenge from the DIVA is a Duo Tangle challenge, which is to use only the two tangles she has picked out. In this one we are using Phicops and Diva Dance.

I am out of town, so I am attempting to try something new! Doing a blog post from my iPad. I have the Blogger app on my iPad, but don't know how how to add a picture. The only option I could find was adding it from my phone, but I don't want to download every picture from my phone on to Blogger. So, I am trying a new app (for me anyway) called Blogsy. I took the picture on my iPad and hope I will be able to add it from my Camera Roll. If there are any of you techies out there, and you know an easier way, please let me know! Here goes........

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Square One: Purely Zentangle

There is a new group on Facebook called Square One: Purely Zentangle.  This group was created by CZT's, Jenny Perruzzi and Chris Titus, but you don't have to be a CZT to join and participate.  This group takes Zentangle enthusiasts back to the basic's of Zentangle.  No color, no ZIA's, no frills, purely Zentangle, black ink on white 3.5" size. 

In addition to posting your purely Zentangle tiles, they have started a weekly focus on ONE tangle pattern each week.  The ONE tangle pattern must be included in the tile, but can be combined with others. 

This group is growing fast and already has over 1000 members.  It's a great place to get inspiration, learn, and appreciate getting back to basics of Zentangle!  Come join us! 

Here are my entries for the first 5 weeks:







Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DIVA Challenge 184: ING

This week's challenge from the DIVA is to try the newest official tangle, ING from Zentangle HQ.  I had started a black tile with ING on Saturday, so just finished it last night. I added another ING, along with Mooka, Tipple, and Printemps.  It was fun working on a black tile again! 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

DIVA Challenge #183 UMT: X-DID

As another month rolls around, it's time again for UMT (use my tangle) over at the DIVA's blog.  This month we are trying out the tangle, X-Did, by Annette Carlo.  It's a fun little tangle that has lots of room for variation. Thanks for sharing your tangle, Annette! 


Friday, August 29, 2014

DIVA Challenge #182 Stripes

This week's DIVA Challenge is to use stripes as your string.  I just drew some curved stripes on a tan tile and tangled away.  Fun challenge!

TANGLES:  Tortuca, Crescent Moon, Zander, Mi2, Betweed, Tipple, Avreal

Monday, August 25, 2014

Zentangle Basic's at the Chilson Senior Center

Last Thursday, Aug 21st, I was invited to teach a Zentangle Basic's class at the Chilson Senior Center in Loveland.  This class was arranged by Kim F. of the Aspen Club, after she took the class at my home.  We had 29 delightful ladies  (most of them new to Zentangle) in attendance.  The class was 90 minutes, so we were only able to complete 1 full tile.  Everyone had a wonderful time learning the Zentangle method of art!  Thanks to Kim, for making this class happen, and thanks to Holly W. for assisting me with the class.  Holly has attended several of my classes and is going to the CZT seminar in Oct. to become a CZT!  Holly took a picture of the class for me, but I got so busy I forgot to get one of her and Kim.  It was so nice to meet all of you, and I hope to see you in future classes!

Friday, August 22, 2014

DIVA Challenge #181 Water

This week's challenge from the DIVA is to let water inspire us and our tile.  I did my sting and then searched for tangle patterns that had a little movement to them and felt like water to me.  I couldn't resist getting out a couple different shades of blue Tombow markers, and then used several different techniques with them.  I liked this challenge!

TANGLES: Static, Quipple, Ennies, Scena, Floo, Msst

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DIVA Challenge #180 UMT: MacDee

For the DIVA challenge we are trying out another new (to me anyway) pattern, MacDee by Anneke Van Dam.  This is a very fun and easy pattern, but can have very bold results.  Thanks for sharing your pattern with us, Anneke and Laura! 

TANGLES: MacDee, Knot Rickz, Kuke, Tipple, Maryhill, Sanibelle, Sand Swirl

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

TRI-PO Updated Step-outs

Sometimes you come up with a pattern and step-outs that seem easy to you, but later find out that it's not so easy for others.  Such was the case with my tangle pattern, TRI-PO.  I originally published this pattern and step-outs on my blog on April 11, 2011.  See the original TRI-PO step-outs here. 

I decided to go ahead and update the step-outs, and hopefully this will make it easier for everyone who had trouble with the original step-outs.  Let me know what you think! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

DIVA Challenge #179 Be Like Bijou & Mini Photo Cubes

This week's DIVA Challenge is to give the new Bijou tiles from Zentangle a try.  If you missed the roll out introduction to this newest member of the Zentangle family you can read about it here on their newsletter.  Make sure to check out the awesome video's and the Bijou section of their website!  Bijou is so cute, and the tiles are a lot of fun to do.  I decided to do monotangles of Printemps (one of Bijou's favorites) and Yew-Dee (one of my favorites). 

Also, since the CZT's were introduced to Bijou prior to his release to the public, I made quite a few Bijou tiles.  I found these mini photo cubes at Michael's and posted a picture on the CZT facebook group. They are 2.5 x 2.5 inches, but the opening is 2 inches with 1/4 inch frame on each side.  I was just waiting for when Bijou was introduced to share with all of you here on my blog.  It's another fun way to store and display your Bijou tiles!

(found in the frame section at Michael's)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DIVA Challenge #178: Duotangle By The Letter

Another fun duotangle challenge from the DIVA!  This week we were challenged to use two tangles that start with your initials.  I haven't tried SPRIGS yet, so I used that for my first initial "S".  I drew two circles as my string and wove the vine for Sprigs around them.  I was thinking of putting a grid based pattern in between them, but when I searched the "C" tangles on tangle patterns. com, I saw one of my favorites, CAT-KIN.  I think that made for a light and lovely organic tile.  Thanks for another fun challenge, Laura

Friday, July 25, 2014

DIVA Challenge #177 Truffle

This week's DIVA challenge is brought to us by Caroline Broady, our youngest CZT and daughter of CZT Amy Broady, who hosted last week's challenge.  Caroline has challenged us to use her tangle, Truffle.  Very pretty tangle, Caroline!  I have been camping this week  and haven't seen any of the entries, but I hope to get a chance to this weekend.  I did my tile in our tent camper, while listening to the sound of the river and watching a squirrel running back and forth with a mouth full of pine needles, to make a nest high up in a tree.  It was a very relaxing time and place to tangle!

I used Truffle as a boarder, with Paushalov (Amy Broady's tangle), and Hollibaugh.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DIVA Challenge 176 B.Y.O.B.

This weeks DIVA challenge is brought to us by another guest CZT, Amy Broady from Tennessee.  Amy is also a fellow classmate of mine from the 4th CZT seminar in Oct, 2010.  This week we were to bring our own beverage to our tangling and incorporate it on our tile, in whatever way we wanted.  I used some Celestial Seasonings, Black Cherry Berry herbal tea on my tile.  I don't care for this as a hot tea, but it is really refreshing as an iced tea in the summer.  First I tried just putting some on the tile with a spoon, and ended up just setting the tea bag on the tile.  You can see that it made a darker spot that I ended up leaving blank.  At first I really hated the color and the totally messy splash and almost tossed it, but decided to give it a try and see what resulted.  After I tangled, I added a light lavender water colored pencil for some shading, and a little red water colored pencil around the open part.  I wasn't crazy about the outside, so I added Printemps with a silver gel pen, and here it isThanks for the challenge, Amy!  It was nice to see your smiling face again!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

DIVA Challenge #175 UMT: Crux

The first Monday of the month over at the DIVA's is another UMT (use my tangle) challenge.  With so many new tangles coming out every week, these challenges are always fun for me.  I have never tried this tangle and it was a little tricky connecting all the lines behind the Bales-like pattern, but once it's done it sure is a beautiful pattern with lots of variations.  Thanks to Henrike Bratz for creating this pattern and to Laura for sharing it with us on the UMT challenge!

Monday, July 7, 2014

My Mini-Gallery

The mantle above and around my fireplace is white and for years I have wanted to do something with it.  Of course, I would have loved to tangle it, but the surface is very textured and bumpy and doesn't take the tangling well.  I know this because I have tangled a tile on a wall upstairs with the same texture.  While it was okay for a tile size, a large area like this just wouldn't look good.  I had mounted several zendala tiles on canvas that I painted for class examples and had a light bulb moment....hmmm, these are the size of the sides of my mantle.  I hung them up and decided I needed some smaller ones on the top, so I mounted some regular zentangle tiles on smaller canvas.  Now I have my own little mini-gallery! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DIVA Challenge #174 Superimposing Strings

We have another guest challenger this week at the DIVA's blog, CZT Aimee Belair. Aimee has challenged us to place one string on top of another string and then tangle.  I have done this a lot while drawing strings.  Mine aren't always just done with one line, but sometimes 2, 3, or 4, but always without planning, just let the lines go wherever they want.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the string prior to tangling.  Thanks for the challenge, Aimee!

Monday, June 30, 2014

My new Zen Cave

Organization, yes it's probably my number one super power!  When my daughter moved out of our basement bedroom and we cleaned the carpet and painted, I really liked the feel of the room.  I had my studio upstairs (shared with a bedroom), and my classroom and tangle supplies down the basement (in a unfinished space). I was always running either up or down to get something.   Hmmm, why not combine the studio and classroom so I could have everything zen and art all in one room!  It took a few days to organize, arrange, and label, but I am so glad I did.  I now have a cozy little room to create in and teach 4 students at a time, which I love for more of a personal touch.   Here's my 1st creation from my Zen Cave


Friday, June 27, 2014

DIVA Challenge #173 Redux, Remix, Revisit your comfort tangle

This week's DIVA challenge is brought to us by CZT, Sharla Hicks.  Laura Harms is having a grand time at the 15th CZT seminar, lucky girl!  Some day I'd love to go back to another seminar, but for now I will dream about it!  On to the take on this was to take one or two of your comfort tangles and do something different with them.  I have so many comfort tangles, I wasn't sure which to use, so I picked Cadent and Printemps.  I decided to really mix it up and try lots of new things!  First, I used a tan tile with a red Micron 01 pen. Second, I didn't use a string  (really rare for me) and I just started doing Cadent in kind of a spiral, while making my dots different widths apart. Then I added some stripes and lines in each one. When it was time to add Printemps, the only thing I could think of to make them different was to "bigify" them.  Third, was to add watercolor pencil in red and orange and then use a water brush to spread out the color.  I got so into playing with the color, I almost forgot I started on a tan tile!  I have only used the sepia, black, and white on the tan tiles until this challenge.  While it's not one of my favorite tiles, I am posting it anyway because I enjoyed the challenge.  It got me to try new things and look at different ways of doing your comfort tangles.  Thanks, Sharla! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pattern Play-a new Zentangle book!

As a contributor, I received a pre-release copy of the new Zentangle book, Pattern Play by Cris Letourneau and Sonya Yencer, CZT's.  Cris is the author of Made In The Shade, which is a fantastic book full of shading lessons for your Zentangle tiles and Zentangle Inspired Art.  I was anxiously awaiting this new book, and finally had the time to sit down and read it cover to cover.  I have to say that I am really impressed with this book and I think that Cris and Sonya did a wonderful job!  I am honored that Cris asked to have one of my tangle patterns, Falz, featured and some of my art work tooIt's always a thrill to see your art work in a book!

Now on to the book......this is a book that beginners and seasoned tanglers will enjoy!  It starts off giving a background on what Zentangle is and what it isn't.  I really liked that they talked about Zentangle not just being a collection of patterns (which can be overwhelming and time consuming), but they go on to show how you can explore and refine your style with the tangles you already know.  They talk about all the materials used, the basic steps to creating a Zentangle,  and what a basic class is like.  Next they explore tangleations (noticeable variations of existing tangles).  This part of the book really spoke to me about just how many ways there are to create variations of tangles and I loved all of the illustrations they used for examples! Pictures are worth a thousand words!  Then they go on to explore 21 tangles and ways to play with them and make them your own.  They show the original tangle with all the step-outs, 6 tangleations for you to explore, and finished art to inspire you.  After each tangle they include two workbook pages with tips and suggestions for you to practice.  Now, I really hope you are able to draw in the workbook pages, but if you are like me and don't want to mess up a book (I know, I am a weird perfectionist who can't bring myself to write in a book), you can still work through each pattern and practice on paper that you stick in the book (like I will be doing), LOL!  Anyway, this is going to take me awhile to explore each of the 21 patterns and the endless possibilities for tangleations, and I look forward to doing just that!

My tangle-FALZ

Workbook pages

I hope this review has helped you some and that you will get this book.  I think you will enjoy all of the great information it has to offer and that it helps kick start your creativity

I just ordered some copies that I will carry to sell in my classes (let me know if you'd like one....I can save you shipping).  Otherwise, they will be on sale on Amazon to everyone effective June 27th.   Congratulations on a wonderful book, Cris and Sonya! Happy tangling and tangleations!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

DIVA Challenge #172 Auraknot and Mooka

The DIVA has us doing another duotangle challenge this week.  Yay, I love duotangles, and was happy to see this was two tangles that I love, Auraknot and Mooka! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

DIVA Challenge #171 Beads of Courage

This week's over at the DIVA's challenge is all about Beads of Courage.  In Laura's words:
Beads of Courage is an Arts in Medicine program that supports children and their families who are dealing with Life threatening or Chronic illnesses.

A child on the program would collect beautiful glass beads in recognition of the things whey have to go through in their daily lives, on their Medical Journey.  When a child goes to yet another doctor's appointment, they'd get a glass bead, when they need to have a needle, they get a glass bead.  Each bead on their strings represent something they've done or gone through.
Laura did a fun run to raise money for this wonderful organization.  With this challenge we are to be inspired by courage,  and if we know someone who is being strong and courageous right now to be inspired by them.  The first person who came to my mind and heart, is my great nephew, Carter.  Carter is 5 years old now, but was born with cerebral palsy (CP), which in simple terms means he had a stroke at birth that affected the left side of his body.  Because of this he has had some developmental delays and has been through a lot of different medial procedures and therapies.  He currently sees a speech, occupational, and physical therapist weekly, and he continues to grow by leaps and bounds with their help.  He is a smart little guy with a wonderful smile!  His parents started calling him Carter Man and after he discovered the super hero's, when someone asks what his name is he says, Carter Man! 

I am continually amazed by the courage of kids like Carter Man, and Laura's Artoo, but also by the parents of kids with special needs!  It takes a special kind of courage to go through everything that they do for and with their kids.  Way to go, Stephanie & Adam, and Laura & bRad, and the millions of others out there like you! 

CARTER MAN with Mom & Dad

CARTER MAN with Aunt Sue

Thursday, June 5, 2014

DIVA Challenge 170 Bugles

Here it is the first week of June and that means the UMT (use my tangle) feature at the DIVA's blog.
This week we are trying the tangle, Bugles from Joyce Evans.

Tangles:  Bugles, Paradox, Crescent Moon, Fracas, Isochor, 'Nzeppel

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday morning tangling

Enjoying the peace and quiet of Sunday morning with a new blank Tan Zendala Tile.  I didn't create a Zendala with it, just some tangles on a round tile.  I hope you enjoyed your Sunday too!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIVA Challenge #169 Circle String

What a fun challenge from the DIVA this week!  Use circles as your string...I used 4 and tangled with  some tried and true official tangles

Tangles:  Paradox, Braze, Keeko Florz, Hollibaugh, Crescent Moon, Shattuck, Tortuca, Cubine, Twing